Winter Weather 2014 | Pictures

These 14 Pictures Perfectly Capture 2014's Crazy Winter

Trees in Masserberg, Germany, were covered with snow.

Here's the thing: there's been a lot of snow this season. Since the start of the new year, there have been polar vortex blizzards, weeks of subzero temperatures, and icy weather in areas that usually stay warm throughout the colder months. It's been a wild Winter, to say the least, and we've seen some outrageous weather pictures of all the craziness in cities like Chicago, NYC, and Washington DC. And although a lot of the weather buzz tends to cover the challenges of commuting and getting around, there have also been some stunning photos of the world transforming into a Winter wonderland. As the chilly season continues and celebrities brave another NYC snowstorm, take a look at the 14 must-see photos from this year's snowy Winter.