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Season One: "The Drought"

In this episode, our heroine Carrie has been happily dating her heart's desire, Mr. Big. He's rich, handsome, and a grown-up. This is the first episode, though, that we begin to see just how neurotic Carrie gets around him. She farts in front of him (one of the funniest scenes in SATC history), and then emotionally melts down because she thinks she's ruined their relationship.

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tralaladdy tralaladdy 7 years
thanks so much for this! i'm trying to get through the seasons before the movie opens (i've seen bits and pieces from all 6 seasons) and greatly appreciate this cheat sheet!
zoso zoso 7 years
I love the farting scene, too! That was hilarious!
jhunter96 jhunter96 7 years
This is my favorite epi!!!! ROFL..Priceless
lily8206 lily8206 7 years
That farting scene had me rolling with laughter. It is hilarious!! Then the follow up scene at dinner started it all over again!
Liz4264 Liz4264 7 years
OMG that is the FUNNIEST scene of all time. Definitely a LOL!
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
I literally laugh everytime that she toots and hits the door- EVERY TIME
calliope calliope 7 years
I love this one!