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It was funny to watch George Michael and Maeby try to hide their feelings for each other in Arrested Development when they thought they were cousins, but what if you had a crush on a cousin in real life?

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At first it may seem like a good idea to get involved with your hot landlord, but if the relationship ends your living situation could get really awkward. Especially if he lives in your apartment building within earshot!

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When you're talking about underage student-teacher relationships, it's obviously a bad idea. But once you're an adult and we're talking about grad school profs or continuing education teachers, the line is much more murky.

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The relationship between Holly and her boss Michael Scott in The Office worked out, but would you risk the potential workplace drama of dating your boss?

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When you fall for someone you live with, you're forced to skip the casual dating phase and jump right into living together. Do you think this is too much, too soon?

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Friend's Ex

Once some time has passed since your friend and her ex have parted ways, is he fair game? Or does it depend on who broke up with whom? What does your gut and past experiences say about dating a friend's ex?

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If you're spending all day at the office, it's easy to fall for someone you see all time and who shares your same interests. But if things end badly, your workplace becomes a battleground (remember Dan and Lorie in He Said, She Said?).

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