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Designate a Weekly Planning Day

Wedding planning can definitely become overwhelming, especially when it's an all-day, everyday affair. Rather than flooding your groom-to-be with a constant list of questions and to dos, try choosing one day a week that's all about the wedding. Even better? Make it a date: have a picnic and bring along your planning notebooks to chat over wine and cheese. Not only will the process help you keep track of what's really important, but it will also become something that you both look forward to.

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Encourage His Creativity

As a general rule, guys love to feel needed — and part of what makes the planning process so difficult is that it can sometimes turn into a one-sided (See: all about the bride) experience. Inspire the groom to participate by asking him to create some of the smaller details. If he loves to brew beer, ask him to whip up a batch with special labels as a take-home favor. Consider your future husband a handyman? See if he'd like to design and build wooden yard games — like croquet or a beanbag toss — for your guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour.

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Involve the Bridal Party

A simple way to boost the groom's interest is to involve the bridal party, too. Get the groomsmen and bridesmaids together for a monthly "wedding brainstorm" party. Even if just one or two realistic ideas come out of it, the low-key get-together will help the bridal party get to know each other — and he'll be thrilled to have his pals' input on such a special day.

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Play to His Passions

Maybe he doesn't care about the color of your flowers, but if he considers himself the music expert of the group, ask your groom to create a "must play" list for the DJ. Is your husband-to-be a die-hard foodie? Let him take care of the catering details. For one thing, he'll be happy to contribute, and for another, that's one less thing you need to worry about.

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Hand Over Honeymoon Duty

What could be more exciting than planning a relaxing, romantic vacation? Offer him the reins on all things honeymoon as a chance to amp up his wedding enthusiasm. By delegating the task, you let him know that you trust him. Plus, he'll love getting caught up in all the fun, creative honeymoon possibilities.

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Keep It Simple

Just because you've been dreaming of this day forever, doesn't mean he has to turn into a total "wedding person," too. Don't insist that he starts a Pinterest account or force him to sit and browse through all your favorite wedding blogs. Instead, each week put together a folder of all the best inspiration photos that you've found over the past few days. Go through the images together, then ask which ideas he liked most to get a better idea of his taste. He'll appreciate all the work you've done and love that he can contribute in such a quick, convenient way.

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Focus on the Fun Stuff

Truth is, he probably doesn't care about the color of the envelope liner on your invitations. A good habit to practice: before you bombard him with a million little decisions, step back and recognize when to reach out vs. when to just go ahead and handle things yourself. Rather than feeling bummed over his invitation indifference, bring up details you think he may be more interested in, like the registry, the music, or the signature cocktails.

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