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Hot Guys With Cupcakes

It's science: Women love cupcakes; women love hot guys; therefore, women love hot guys with cupcakes. Mashable's Pete Cashmore proves hot guys with cupcakes are sexy.

Source: Flickr User magerleagues

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Hot Guys With Surfboards

Surfboards are a double whammy; it means they're athletic and it's usually paired with a bare chest.

Source: Flickr User Zach Klein

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Hot Guys With Mustaches

Ladies, even celebrities, love their men hairy.

Source: Flickr User istolethetv

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Hot Guys With Books

A guy reading, period, is a turn-on. But if it's a real, legit, adult book instead of a magazine or comic book he gets extra brownie points.

Source: Flickr User doortoriver

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Hot Guys With Glasses

Glasses are hot. Glasses plus mustache plus bowtie equals hot hipster, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Source: Flickr User Josh Rothman

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Hot Guys With Babies

A hot guy holding a baby is adorable, especially if he's available (i.e. single dad, uncle, or manny).

Source: Flickr User jeanine&preston

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Hot Guys With Puppies

Nothing melts a gal's heart like a dude with a puppy. Although I don't think I'd be kissing a guy after a dog tongue had touched those lips!

Source: Flickr User David Shankbone

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Hot Guys With Guitars

If a guy manages to be an unassuming, talented musician, the guitar totally works for him.

Source: Flickr User Jyoti Das

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Hot Guys With Grandmas

Really, hot guys being sweet with any type of old people is just too cute. Plus, it shows that they are respectful of the elderly.

Source: Flickr User mbaylor

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What Makes a Guy the Hottest?

Which of these chick-magnet props makes you weak in the knees?

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