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Afro Art Natural Hair Series

Natural Hair Is Straight Up Magic— Just Wait Until You See These Empowering Photos

Afro Art Natural Hair Series
Image Source: Creative Soul Photography

If you've ever doubted that a black woman's hair has magical powers, photographers Regis and Kahran of CreativeSoul Photography in Atlanta have proof for you. The couple created the "AfroArt" series to capture images of young women flaunting their fabulous natural hair, and the photos are effing incredible.

Unfortunately, for women of color, young and old, natural hair hasn't always been what society considered and deemed beautiful. But the AfroArt movement aims to show young girls that curls and 'fros are fierce and fashionable, too. The duo told us that their mission is to give children of color positive representations of themselves.

"Unfortunately the lack of diversity often plays into the stereotypes that they are not 'good enough' and often forces kids to have low self-esteem. We try to combat these stereotypes in our photography by showing diverse imagery of kids who love the skin they're in, their own natural curls and their culture. We think that these stories are important to show in order to shatter the current standards of beauty," Regis and Kahran shared with POPSUGAR via emial.

And the images are badass indeed. The series includes various young black girls posed and poised with their afros sculpted to perfection. They also feature models styled in baroque fashions and elaborate hairstyles that would easily fit right into Beyoncé's Formation music video.

The photos are a gorgeous representation of the true beauty and versatility of natural hair. We hope that series like AfroArt continue to become the new normal, so little girls can grow up knowing that their voluminous curls and kinky afros are truly beautiful. Read through for more of the empowering images ahead!

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