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Backstage Lipstick Tips

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / MAC Cosmetics

Three best-kept beauty secrets are going mainstream! We've partnered with MAC Cosmetics to introduce the lipsticks you need to master them.

Some secrets are meant to be kept under wraps, but in the beauty world, the rule doesn't always apply. Between clever methods to set your makeup, the most simple steps to master a cat eye, and expert tips for achieving the perfect loose curls — when there's a secret to be shared, the more who know, the merrier.

In the lip department, we've got three makeup-artist-loved trends to dish on — inspired by the most recent Fashion Week's runways — that will change the way you think of a traditional matte lipstick. Read on as we share three lip-focused looks to add to your beauty arsenal, plus how MAC's new Powder Kiss lipsticks can help you achieve them.