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Beauty Looks From Around the World | Jackie Aina

1 Woman Tries On Beauty Trends From 6 Different Countries

By now we know there's no one standard definition of beauty — the ideal look varies from country to country. Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina teamed up with Made at Smashbox to take this dialogue to the next level. She asked her social media followers how their cultures define the word "beautiful." Even though the responses ranged from "big butts" to "light skin," one common agreement was to accept everyone for who they are. As one woman said, "Everyone is a shade of beautiful." And we couldn't agree more. In the video above, Jackie re-creates six different cultural makeup looks on her own face, based on the Instagram comments. From a dramatic Nigerian smoky eye to the clean Korean look, her face highlights the ever-changing nature of what it means to be beautiful across the world.

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