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Beauty Products Based on Your Horoscope

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Nordstrom

Have you checked your horoscope lately? We foresee plenty of new beauty products in your future. We've partnered with Nordstrom to show you everything you need to embody your astrological identity. For even more beauty offerings, be sure to check out your nearest Nordstrom store.

Have an interest in astrology and a soft spot for beauty products? Then there's a good chance you've noticed a correlation between the traits of your zodiac sign and the types of products you gravitate toward. But your astrological profile is comprised of so much more than just your zodiac sign, and understanding the full scope of it can yield completely unexpected results and lead you to approach beauty in a way you've never considered. Intrigued? Let's back up a bit.

While you're familiar with your zodiac sign (also known as your sun sign), it's also beneficial to consider your moon sign and rising sign. Taken into account together, this trio can paint a more colorful picture of who you are as a person, more so than your sun sign alone. That being said, it's common to feel more aligned with one of your signs than the other two. Perhaps you're a Taurus but exhibit the traits typical of a Capricorn — that could mean that you identify with your moon sign rather than your sun sign. Curious to dive into your relation to each, and how that can influence your beauty routine? Keep reading to discover the fun makeup, skincare, and wellness products best suited for your unique astrological bond. You might just be surprised!


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