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Best Bath and Body Works PocketBac Sanitizers

S'mores, Bellinis: 9 of Bath & Body Works's Best-Smelling PocketBacs to Shop Now

Best Bath and Body Works PocketBac Sanitizers
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Siegel

As beauty junkies, we all have fond memories of Bath & Body Works from childhood. Those fruity-scented mini hand sanitizers, called PocketBacs, were the only product our moms would let us have — and we wanted them all.

Fortunately, those brightly colored disinfectants haven't disappeared and come in many scents we still love today. They're the perfect little product to stash in your purse when you don't have a convenient way to wash your hands.

We suggest keeping them handy when you're at music festivals, on airplanes, or simply eating after a ride on public transportation. While the PocketBacs are only available to purchase individually in stores for $2, you can buy packs of five on the Bath & Body Works website for only $5.

Read on to find out which scents are worth running out to your local store for.

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