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6 Best Drugstore Purple Shampoos Under $15

6 Outstanding Drugstore Purple Shampoos That Will Save You Tons of Money

6 Best Drugstore Purple Shampoos Under $15

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I'm a natural brunette, and I bleach my hair platinum blond about once every three months. I love everything about the process — even the itchy scalp (it reminds me that good things are yet to come).

Well . . . almost everything. The thing about going blond is that it's all fun and games up until that pesky little moment when, after you spend half your rent on a double process, you realize you've got to spend even more cash on maintaining the look with a purple shampoo.

"One of the biggest struggles for blondes is keeping your shade from turning too yellow or brassy, which is where blue or purple shampoos enter," hairstylist Michelle Cleveland told POPSUGAR. "In the universal law of color, purple neutralizes yellow, and blue neutralizes orange so when you wash blonde hair with these tinted shampoos you're essentially adding just enough pigmentation to 'wash away' the unwanted yellows or oranges that can show through over time."

So yes, a good purple shampoo is a must-have when keeping up your blond hair, though the only drawback is that some of the best products out there tend to be on the pricier side (depending on your budget, of course). The good news for anyone who's trying to look bougie on a budget is that there are plenty of affordable drugstore options that really work. Read ahead to check out some under-$15 favorites from myself and a couple of trusted hairstylists.

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