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Hairstylist's Tips For Going Blond on Dark or Red Hair

Here's What You Should Know Before Going Blond, No Matter Your Natural Hair Color

Hairstylist's Tips For Going Blond on Dark or Red Hair

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Dyeing your hair blond can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, but it's a pretty involved process — especially for people with a naturally darker (or red) hair color.

Depending on your base shade and how light you want to go, it might take you a while to achieve the color you want if you're not a natural blond. That's why hairstylist and brand founder Guy Tang suggests you get a proper consultation ahead of time with a pro stylist "to understand your hair's color history," he told POPSUGAR. "This can change the process dramatically."

While the specific stages and steps vary depending on your particular goals, the general process of going blond is relatively similar across all hair colors. The main difference, he said, lies in the strength in the bleach and developer the pro uses. "This is all determined by the current level of your hair and how many levels you would need to move to get blond," Tang said.

The level system is a system used by colorists to denote how light or dark your hair is. The colors in the system are scaled from one to 12; level one hair is black, while level 12 is the lightest shade of blond. Read ahead to get more info on how to safely go blond if you have black, brown, or red hair and what the aftercare process should look like.

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