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17 Best Shampoos For Oily Hair of 2021

17 of the Best Shampoos For Oily Hair That Keep Away Greasy Roots For Good

17 Best Shampoos For Oily Hair of 2021
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  • If you have an oily scalp, it can be hard to keep your hair looking clean.
  • Finding a clarifying shampoo that balances your scalp is key to having grease-free roots.
  • From drugstore favorites to luxury brands, there are shampoos for oily hair at all prices.

For anyone who has oily hair, it can feel like a constant battle to not have your hair look like it needs to be washed. Even if you just showered that morning, by the end of the day, your roots can look oily and feel dirty, despite your best efforts. The secret to ensuring your hair always looks and feels fresh is finding a gentle cleansing shampoo that breaks up oil.

From affordable drugstore options to rich, luxurious formulas, there are plenty of shampoos out there that can help get your oily scalp in check. The tricky thing about having an oily scalp is you don't want to dry out your hair by overwashing it. Rather, you want to keep clean and balanced without stripping your hair or scalp of essential oils that keep it moisturized. There are a few things you can do to extend the time between washes, like using a dry shampoo, but ultimately, shampoos designed specifically for those with oily hair will be your best friend.

There is no one-size-fits-all magical number for how often you wash your hair, but with the right shampoo, you'll be able to keep that light-as-air, freshly styled feeling for longer. Ahead, find the best shampoos for oily hair to help you kick that oily residue on your roots once and for all.

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