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Best Walgreens Beauty Products Summer 2019

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Affordable? Check. Functional? Double check. We've partnered with Walgreens to share our beauty editor's top makeup and skincare picks for Summer.

I'm what you'd call a seasonal shopper. It's not that I restrict myself from making random purchases here and there (trust me, I do it more than I'd care to admit), but there's just something about that *official* change in seasons that feels like an excuse to overhaul everything in my life — my wardrobe, the foods I stock in my fridge, and my beauty routine included. And with Summer weather in the New York City air, I'm ready for a little makeup and skincare refresh.

Although I love a luxe product as much as the next girl, if there's one thing I know as a beauty editor, it's that mixing high and low is the key to a well-rounded routine. Ahead, I'm sharing which products are currently in my Walgreens shopping cart.