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Cameron Diaz Without Makeup | Fall 2015

You'll Love the Reason Cameron Diaz Shared This Makeup-Free Selfie

Cameron Diaz is known for her confidence, and now she's inviting her fans to be comfortable in their skin via a no-makeup selfie. The actress is working on the second volume of her book series, The Body Book, and wants the text's cover to be coated with her followers.

"[The book] is centered around the mental, physical and emotional journey of aging," she explained. In case you didn't pick up a copy, women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities are featured under the jacket of her last book. "We would like for you to feel represented again, this time to show where you are in your process of aging." Cameron demonstrated the proper technique with a quick shot, and it's hard to believe she is 43 years old. Her skin is luminous, even, and practically wrinkle-free — save for the pretty crinkles around her eyes when she smiles. See more celebrities without makeup here.

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