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Choose Your Next Eye Makeup Look Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You're already looking to your horoscope to determine your career moves and find your perfect love match (we know you're following the AstroTwins on Twitter). Why not rely on your zodiac sign to find your most flattering makeup look? Artist Slaughterose created this cool zodiac eye chart, with makeup and eye shapes for each of the 12 signs. Leo is a feline-inspired gaze with fiery yellow and orange shadows, while Pisces has a more rounded eye with a marine eye color. While this chart is all artistic interpretation, we're taking notes on these bright looks to match our many moods (i.e. blue mascara when we're channeling independent Aries). If you love these zodiac-inspired makeup ideas, then you've got to see these braids catered to your astrological sign.

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Image Source: Slaughterose
Join The Conversation
bobbisgirl bobbisgirl 3 years

Not even close!

Lavender15399076 Lavender15399076 3 years
Im a capricor my eyes look like capricorn/virgo eyes lol
ranapratap ranapratap 5 years
Really EYES say something about UR Zodiac Sign 
sunny83 sunny83 6 years
I'm a leo and my eye shape is exactly the same! with the similar colour but greener. my sister has the same eye shape as pieces and she is one too with brown eyes though. i would definitely choose those colours for eyeshadow.
greenapplelover greenapplelover 6 years
Nope. And why would they match?
Mesha02 Mesha02 6 years
I'm a capricorn and it's a match. I'd definitely do the green eye make-up. Pretty cool!
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
Mine matches Leos more than anything and I am a Virgo.
junebrug junebrug 6 years
Not too far off. I have always wished for bigger more "open" eyes but mine match Gemini pretty close. I also wear plums pretty often, though not that bright of a purple.
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
@Miriam Lacey, Ahhh, thank you for clearing that up. @Starwen, Slaughterose is definitely the artist of this piece. The rest of her pieces are different, but they have the same style of coloring. Her style of drawing has changed (artists do change styles), but her coloring hasn't and neither has her eyes (as in her real eyes). She transferred accounts awhile back and never posted her old work so I can't tell you whether her eyes are akin to her old style. However, as an artist, I can absolutely tell you that's Slaughterose's work absolutely. What DOES bothers me is that The Frisky doesn't leave a link back to the original source and it looks heavily doctored. There are no dots next to the signs in Slaughterose's version and some of them have been shaded in darker in an attempt to pass the work off as an original (look at Virgo's). Art theft is huge today and while I know Slaughterose didn't make this art in order to make a profit like most artists do today (I don't sell any of my work for profit either. Everything on my dA is for you to look for enjoyment as well), the person who DID do this did commit a crime.
ValerieHoffmann ValerieHoffmann 6 years!
Diana615 Diana615 6 years
I'm a Gemini. The shape is pretty close but wouldn't di the color.
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
@Starwen The artist here, Slaughterose, based the "Libra" eye off of her own, so it's definitely her drawing (unless she's plagiarized the whole thing, and I hope that's not true, because I really like her stuff). @Ellenora Sorry for being too vague up there in the text! I meant personality or attitude traits, not eye shape traits, and looking at the story now I'm knocking myself in the head for not realizing how it read :(
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 6 years
Well, yes and no. I'm a Pisces and the shape of the eye itself is similar to mine, its very round. The color not so much, my eye color is most similar to the Virgo eye. And id never wear that color of eye makeup.
projectjoy projectjoy 6 years
these are all beautiful drawings of eyess! (: im virgo
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
I'm an Aquarius and mine is spot on aside from eye color and the length of the eyelashes. I have really long eyelashes. @Miriam Lacey, I'm trying to find on the deviation page where Slaughterrose said she based the eye shapes off of eyes traditionally assigned to each sign. Is this your interpretation of the drawings or has she actually said she based the eye shapes off traits assigned to each zodiac (and if so, where?) I'm curious because normally on an interactive art site and forum like dA, the artist sometimes (and normally does) comments on something like that to start up a discourse. I see her basing Libra on her own eyes (and the makeup inspiration) but not the last one.
alcdance alcdance 6 years
I'm a Taurus and it's pretty spot on!
valerie1017 valerie1017 6 years
I am a Libra and the shape is right on, my eye color is dark brown!
starwen9 starwen9 6 years
Miriam, I was meaning that the drawing is exactly the same just in black and white with the names switched around. I agree the use of color is awesome - it almost looks like they took this other drawing and colored it in though.
Moonblossom Moonblossom 6 years
I'm a Scorpio, and while the shape is not quite right, I definitely gravitate towards plums and violets in my eye makeup quite frequently.
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Starwen, several people have done similar pieces; there's even one composed out of photographs. This one is my favorite because the artist's use of color is great, and there's a solid attribution—I don't like using art without giving the artist credit.
starwen9 starwen9 6 years
They had this same post on The Frisky yesterday but it was not colored in and the eyes were labeled differently. For instance, this chart's "aquarius" was the other's "pisces." The other one seemed more accurate for me at least. Do you know if this was the original drawing or not?
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