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Celebrity Makeup Transformations | Lucia Pittalis

1 Woman Transforms Into Johnny Depp, Queen Elizabeth, and More With Makeup

Celebrity Makeup Transformations | Lucia Pittalis

Every time we come across an artist using makeup to transform into celebrities, we can't help but stare in awe. Some of our favorites have included the actor who morphed into Kylie Jenner, the beauty blogger who transformed herself into Taylor Swift, and the female Instagram user who used makeup to mimic male rappers.

Artist Lucia Pittalis is the latest to join this group of artists who can literally morph into anyone by using cosmetics. She has channeled celebrities from Queen Elizabeth and Johnny Depp to Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, all with the most perfect facial details. Once she paints on her new bone structure, wrinkles, and face shape, it's hard to even tell Lucia from her characters! We guarantee that you'll be amazed by this artist's work — see her masterpieces ahead.

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