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Celebrity Neon Green Nail Trend

Billie Eilish, Rihanna, and Cardi B Have All Worn This Summer's Hottest Nail Color Trend

In the same way that neon green symbolizes "go" on a traffic light, our favorite celebrities are thrusting the hue forward as this Summer's biggest nail color trend.

A-listers have been wearing different variations of the electric shade across their nails. Cardi B paired the hue with an almond shape, while Billie Eilish's version of the manicure was extralong.

Chief Creative Officer of Paintbox Eleanor Langston predicted the trend in an interview with POPSUGAR, saying to to expect the fluorescent hues to be popular this Summer. "We are already starting to see our [Paintbox] clients transition to brighter, bolder colors for an early start to Summer — they're willing warmer weather to come," she said.

Check out this Summer's hottest nail color ahead.

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