Cardi B's Most Iconic Nail Looks to Date

Cardi B takes a maximalist approach to nail art and isn't afraid to try new trends, like the polarizing duck-feet nails TikTok keeps talking about. If you follow Cardi B on social media, you're no stranger to her debuting new designs on Instagram Stories or posting a photo of blinged-out, long acrylics with a tag to Nails on 7th.

Jenny Bui, owner of Nails on 7th, is the self-proclaimed Queen of Bling and the famed mastermind behind most of the star's mind-blowing manicures. Cardi B has been with Bui since the beginning, getting her first set from the Cambodian nail artist in 2013, when the rapper was 20 years old. She's been obsessed ever since. "She loved it," Bui previously told POPSUGAR. "She screamed, 'Oh my God. In my whole life, I never had a nail like this.' And then after that, she kept coming to me."

The two have formed a special relationship that allows them to sit through hours of detailed designs. Longtime Cardi B fans will remember Bui's elaborate birthday surprise for the rapper that led to the viral quote, "Your nail lady don't love you like my nail lady love me."

You'd be hard-pressed to find Cardi B without her nails done — seriously, she even showed a fan how to change a diaper with long nails — which makes it easy to round up 10 of Cardi B's best nail looks over the years.

Cardi B's Bedazzled Ombré Nails

Celebrating daughter Kulture's second birthday, Cardi B opted for a blue ombré-effect manicure that was made using different shades of Swarovski crystals.

Cardi B's Holograph Crystal Nails

Cardi B chose a reflective, holographic crystal design for her 2018 MTV Video Music Awards look.

Cardi B's Matte Blue

Keeping her typical stiletto shape, Cardi B's matte blue manicure stood out from the usual bling provided by Bui. Cardi B credited Los Angeles-based nail artist Chaun Legend for this look.

Cardi B's Charm Nails

Possibly the wildest manicure of all was this charm-bracelet-inspired look spelling out "Cardi" and "Kulture."

Cardi B's Swirl Nails

Cardi B's swirl nail design in preparation for a June 2022 vacation fittingly featured a sea-inspired color palette.

Cardi B's Rainbow Nails

Cardi B wore rainbow nails, with a different color on each finger, for her "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" appearance and conversation with Bernie Sanders back in 2019.

Cardi B's Heart and Spiral Manicure

Cardi B had an intricate manicure for Summer Jam from Dallas manicurist Eloisa Perez, featuring heart-shaped gems and even a spiraled nail on her pointer fingers.

Cardi B's Louis Vuitton Nails

While known to match her nails to her outfit, this Louis-inspired manicure by Chaun Legend was next level.

Cardi B's Pink Bedazzled Nails

Never one to shy away from a monochromatic moment, Cardi B's pink nails featured different bedazzled details on each finger.