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Chaos Makeup Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter

Watch This Rainbow Highlighter Perform a Disappearing Act Before Your Very Eyes

At this point, rainbow highlighters have become less of a novelty item and more of a commonplace product for many cult beauty brands. With so many options now available, Chaos Makeup has created a rainbow highlighter with a special detail that really sets it apart: the cruelty-free company's Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter ($26) goes on clear, but reveals its rainbow sheen when light hits it at just the right angle.

As you'll see in the demonstrative videos ahead, the highlighter gives off a straightforward glow from certain views. With a little movement, however, the rainbow colors can be seen. In addition to its surprising magic trick, Allure noted that the highlighter is also glitter-free and all natural. In fact, it's made with coconut oil. What's more, it comes in a freaking seashell compact!

Click through to watch the kaleidoscopic highlighter in action.

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