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Coachella Hair and Makeup Trends

The Coolest Beauty Trends From Coachella You'll Want to Wear Year-Round

Coachella Hair and Makeup Trends

Beauty rules don't exactly apply to Coachella. (Except when it comes to cultural appropriation; you should follow those like a type-A dad reading TSA guidelines.)

And yet, the annual music festival is more than a kaleidoscopic sensory attack or excuse to whip out your glitter and weirdest-in-the-best-way hair accessories — it's also an opportunity to scope out some kickass beauty trends to carry you through Spring and Summer. With cosmetics brand NYX Professional Makeup as the official sponsor for the event and more on-the-ground inspiration than plastic cups at the end of each night, you're bound to find your new signature look.

From the coolest twist on your classic braids to makeup that gives new meaning to Bright Lite, Coachella's biggest trends ahead will make you feel like a straight-up rock star — even if you're not with the band.

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