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Digits Fyre Fest Nails

This Nail Brand Is Donating Money to the Ripped-Off Fyre Fest Bahamian Workers

Digits Fyre Fest Nails
Image Source: Courtesy of the brand

In 2017, "business man" Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule teamed up to create what was supposed to be a luxurious Bahamian music festival called Fyre Festival, that ended up being a severe failure with tents and cold cheese sandwiches. In the last month, both Hulu and Netflix have both come out with documentaries on the now legendary disaster, and it's coming to light that many of the Bahamian workers that were hired by McFarland were not paid.

The people behind nail brand Digits are just as upset as the rest of us over this injustice and have decided to help out. Digits has just debuted the Fyre Fest Orange Juicy Jelly Nails ($15), a set of clear press-on nails, to help some of the victims. For each pack of nails sold, 10 percent of the profits will go to the Bahamian workers who were scammed. Check out images of the cool nails, ahead.

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