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Double Lash Makeup Trend

Double Lashes Are a Thing, So It's Easier Not to See the Haters

Why use one pair of false lashes when you can use two sets at the same time? Alex Link — creative eye makeup genius who, you might remember, started the carved brow trend — has figured out how to use two sets of lashes in a pretty damn cool way. As one commenter who's definitely on our level suggested, "four lashes instead of two makes it easier not to see the haters." Now it all makes sense. Another commenter expressed their undying love for the look, admitting, "I just choked this is perfect."

Alex used the sold-out Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette, Sigma Beauty Standout Peacock Gel Liner, and Sugarpill Sinnocent ($7) and Saint Lashes ($7) to create the standout look.

It's perhaps not an ideal Thanksgiving-dinner-with-your-family look, but it's definitely one to get for the 'gram.

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