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Dove Love Your Curls Campaign

Dove's Curly Hair Campaign Will Leave You Misty-Eyed

Dove is known for creating flawless campaigns highlighting "real beauty," and the brand's new #LoveYourCurls video isn't any different. A handful of young women (ages 5 to 11) are asked how they feel about their curly hair. The poignant responses are enough to generate tears. The girls discuss why they don't like their ringlets and coils and why they would prefer to have straight strands. "Sometimes I wish I could just rip it out," says 11-year-old Jewel, with a nervous smile on her face. "But I'm not going to do that."

We can all empathize with wanting to change something about ourselves — especially at that delicate preteen age — but hearing them say it out loud is all the more heartbreaking. The video then shows what can happen when we embrace our true beauty. In this case, it's naturally gorgeous, curly hair.

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