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Drew Barrymore's Makeup April 2016

How Drew Barrymore Embraces Her Natural Beauty

Drew Barrymore, owner and developer of Flower Beauty cosmetics, recently released a Barrymore Wines Rosé, and during my interview with her, I had to sneak in a few questions about her current hair and makeup style. Before I started snapping photos and interviewing her, Drew's makeup artist touched up her lips (with a Flower Beauty Lip Suede matte pencil, of course, remaining true to her brand and products).

When she and I sat down at a sunny window seat, I first noticed her eyebrows were grown out. I told her I really dug the natural brow look, to which she replied, "Oh my God. I literally did #wildbrows the other day. These things are out of control. If I just pluck the middle maybe I can get away with this, but the jury's still out. I don't feel like tweezing right now. I need to go back to my '80s roots. The amount of bleaching and tweezing I've done, I can't believe I still have hair there. I'm so relieved."

That's the endearing thing about Drew. She's unattached to her odd beauty experiments. They could be killer or outlandish, but it doesn't really matter, because it's what she's feeling now. Her eyebrows aren't the only thing she's letting loose. Drew's dark brown roots blended into her long blond tips. Her hair had a messy, beach-wavy-style going on.

She continued, "The time right now is natural. Natural base color. Natural brows. Natural face. Not being on the treadmill of fear of aging. It is what it is." Her comment offers a refreshing alternative to the all-too-common idea that women have to be perfectly manicured, dolled up, and wrinkle-free to be considered beautiful. Her confidence combined with her willingness to let nature do its thing did strike me as attractive and something I wanted to emulate.

Lastly, there's one key component to beauty for Drew, and though it sounds a little cheesy, I'm willing to try it out. "A smile is going to be more important than any lipstick ever, and I own a makeup company. That is our business model. If you're happy, you will look your best. Here are some additions for your happiness." Using makeup as an addition to, not a key to happiness? What a concept! Sign me up.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Anna Monette Roberts
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