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Glamglow Good in Bed Skin-Softening Cream Review

This "Good in Bed" Face Mask Sounds So Sexy — but It Actually Blew My Mind

To be "good in bed" takes on a new meaning with Glamglow's newest mask — and, admittedly, with the surge of face masks for every part of your body (see this one that's made just for your butt) and the rise of the questionable vajacial, I did originally think the brand made it for, erm, the lower region . . .

But just to be clear: the Glamglow Good in Bed Passionfruit Softening Night Cream ($54) is meant for your face. (Seriously, don't slather it anywhere below your waistline.) Once I popped open the box to see the cream, I immediately realized it was a sleeping mask — a cream that is more emollient than your typical evening moisturizer and meant to be worn overnight. I spread a thin layer across my face and my neck and thought that it truly felt like spreading a dessert topping across my skin. Then, I switched off my light, laid on my back, and fell asleep.

Of course, I woke up face down, but I was surprised to find no greasy residue on my pillow. My skin felt extra bouncy and smooth, and it looked visibly brighter. It was so hydrating that if I didn't already know where my dry patches typically were, I would never have been able to guess. What was most impressive was that the really dry area around my lips that started out red (irritated by the cold weather in New York City) had gone down significantly — to a point where it was no longer sensitive when I placed makeup on top of it.


Glamglow hid a miracle cream inside the jar that — if I didn't know any better — could have been mistaken as lube. Good thing I read the directions.

Glamglow Good in Bed Passionfruit Softening Night Cream ($54) will be available on the brand's website in December.

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