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Sleeping Face Cream Masks

10 Overnight Masks For Your Most Productive Beauty Sleep Ever

When it comes to our evening skin regimen, we look to Korean women for inspiration. Not only do we covet their innovative products, but we also admire their dedication to their complexions; Korean skin care rituals can be anywhere from eight to 20 steps. We think we'd fall asleep before getting through a whole Korean skin-pampering session — but the latest cool product to make it stateside declares it OK to pass out through your skin routine. We're talking about overnight face masks! Richer than your average night cream, a sleeping mask (or sleep pack, as they are known abroad) is designed to go on top of your evening skin treatments as the final step, then rinsed off in the morning. Considering it works while you get your beauty rest, it's the ultimate product for lazy girls. Read on to find the best one for you.

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