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Hacks to Make Your Candle Last Longer

10 Candle Hacks Every Spa-Lover Needs to Know Before Lighting That Wick

Hacks to Make Your Candle Last Longer
Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

It's amazing how a glass jar of wax can transform a room, and the overall mood inside it, at the strike of a match. There's just something about the cool flickering flame, delicious aromatics, and cozy, snuggly vibe of a candle that turns even a cramped one-bedroom apartment into a momentary escape. The seemingly simple design somehow lends itself to a complete sensory experience that is every bit as calming as a day at the spa. Heck, even just thinking about a lit votive brings about a comforting sigh of relief.

However, you might be shocked to find out you've been lighting your candles all wrong and that black ring around the votive is totally avoidable. Yep, there's more to the calming jar of wax than you may have ever known. I spoke to some of the masterminds behind the industry's most heartwarming candles to get the expert candle-care tips you need to know before you strike your next match.

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