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Clip In Hair Extensions Experiment: See Photos

I Got Ariana Grande-Length Hair Extensions, and It Was Weirder Than I Thought

Clip In Hair Extensions Experiment: See Photos
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kelsey Castañon

On a scale from one to Ariana Grande, my interest in hair extensions teeters between one and two. I have nothing against them; it's just that up until last week, I couldn't envision myself with anything but a lob if you paid me (although I am very open to trying, if that's on the table for you). Growing up, my mom had her own idea of what styles were cool, and they looked more like a bowl cut, mullet, or shag, thankyouverymuch. When I got older, I quickly realized that longer hair elongated my face in a way that left me looking like an afghan hound, if afghan hounds were actually humans with objectively less cute snouts.

Still, fighting temptation (or was it curiosity?) became increasingly difficult as the XL-hair-extensions trend continued to graze the butts of everyone from Grande to Beyoncé to Jennifer Lopez. All that extra length seemed impractical at best, and at worst, profusely exhausting. I wondered: what was behind the sudden spike in popularity? And, perhaps more importantly, can someone without a glam squad on speed dial pull off the look, too? In an effort to find out, I made my way to the Bellami Beauty Bar in NYC, armed with loads of apprehension and zero idea of what to expect.

What happened next? Well, let's just say it went a little better than it did with the mullet. (Just don't tell my mom that.)

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