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Harry Styles Lush Bath Bomb

Lush Is Sending Harry Styles 100 Bath Bombs Because He's a Sex Bomb, Obviously

When Harry Styles started teasing his highly anticipated Harry Styles album back in March and April, people understandably were buzzing about the music, but they also (myself included) couldn't stop talking about the pink bathwater Harry is sitting in on the cover of the album and in the album art. In the photos, Harry can be seen sitting in a pool of water that's colored ever-so-trendily in millennial pink, surrounded by flowers and other bits and bobs.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Fans naturally reached out to notable bath bomb producer Lush for answers on what could possibly be in Harry's bathwater. While no one could be absolutely certain what the "Sign of the Times" singer might have used, one Lush employee had a guess.

The mystery still remains as to what Harry might be swimming in, but nevertheless, Lush has embraced the pink water, and in an effort to show its support for Harry's love of all things pink, it is sending Harry 100 Sex Bombs so he can keep bathing in the pink stuff.

This bestselling bath bomb would take anyone's bathing routine to the next level, what with its superromantic vibes. Lush's description of it says it all: "Scintillating jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang are powerful aphrodisiacs, and soy milk softens up your entire body." Needless to say, this massive supply that Harry's about to receive will keep him relaxed and soft-skinned for quite some time.

Image Source: Lush
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