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How to Apply Makeup With a Sock

Applying Your Foundation With a Sock Sounds Weird, But Looks Incredible

If you think that applying your makeup with a sock seems like a ridiculous, ineffective hack, we don't blame you. Our first reaction to YouTube beauty vlogger Mayra Touch of Glam's video was complete incredulity. But after watching the whole thing, we're nothing short of amazed.

When digging through her sock drawer, the innovative artist realized that the fabric of the heels and toes was especially cushy. She immediately headed out to Walmart, bought a three-pack of ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds Low-Cut Socks ($6), and tested them as an alternative to a foundation sponge.

Whether Mayra applied the makeup directly to the cloth or used the sock to blend, the finished result appeared as if it were airbrushed! Despite our fears that the cotton would absorb too much of her foundation, Mayra explained that it didn't, meaning testers of this hack will save money on both makeup and sponges. She even used the item to buff out her contour. See how good it looks (and get inspired to try it out) when you watch the video.

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