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How to Get a Hairline Like Kim Kardashian

Fake a Flawless Hairline With This Unusual Beauty Hack

Re-creating Kim Kardashian's beauty routine is not cheap. In fact, you'd have to spend over $1,000 to purchase the products that her go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, uses on her in a single glam session. Factor in the cost of past beautifying procedures, and your bank account will be crying for mercy.

You might recall that Kim lasered away her baby hairs years ago in search of that crisp, clean line. She recently admitted that she regrets her decision to zap all those feathery strands. However, Instagram user makeupholic_moon shared an easy way to copy Kim's flawless hairline at home — without the expense or pain.

The key is using painter's tape as a template (like you might use for a perfect lipstick application), then slicking on Wunderbrow ($22) where your mane is a little sparse. Once you remove the tape, you'll see a defined hairline like Kim's.

Many women, including Khloé Kardashian, use eye shadow to fill in patches on the scalp. But sweat just a little, and that powdery pigment can smear off. Wunderbrow's fiber-packed gel formula can be worn for days. The end result is a bit extreme (and would be best for photo shoots!), but we see no harm in copying Kim's look — especially for a fraction of the price.

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