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How To Make Fragrance Last Longer

This Is Why Your Fragrance Isn't Lasting Through the Day

Commit this to memory: over-zealous spraying does not make for a longer lasting scent. It's actually just a waste of money, and might make anyone you get into a lift with feel light-headed. If you feel like your scent isn't making it through the day, let alone into the evening, here are some possible explanations as to why.

You're using an eau de toilette

Every body is different, including how your body reacts to fragrance. While an EDT will last the day on some people, you may need an eau de parfum which has a stronger percentage of essential oils and a higher concentrated formula. This means they are more expensive, but will last much longer.

You're a rubber

If you are in the habit of rubbing your wrists together after spritzing them with perfume, you need to stop. Rubbing can alter the chemical structure of the fragrance, meaning it won't develop properly.

You've got dry skin

Fragrances don't take to dry skin quite as well. Make sure you're moisturising daily (you can even do it in the shower), but if you need a quick fix, apply a touch of Vaseline, jojoba oil, or an unscented lotion to your pulse points before spraying.

You need to layer

Many fragrances come with a line of scented body washes or creams, and using these along with your perfume will layer and strengthen the scent.

You're not spraying in the right places

You have more pulse points than just your neck and wrists. You could also try spraying behind your ears, knees, on your cleavage, lower back or between your toes — for real.

You're skipping the one place that holds fragrance best

Hair actually carries perfume the best. Spraying your hair will mean you'll leave a scented trail wherever you go. There is some who are against this because it may dry out your hair, but Christine Luby of Pinrose, a personalised fragrance brand, told Into the Gloss that it's such a tinsy amount of alcohol, that it couldn't really do much damage.

You're not factoring in the weather

Fact: fragrance will fade faster in cooler climates and higher altitudes, and will last longer in warmer ones.

You're not storing your perfume right

Ideally you should keep your fragrance bottle in it's box, away from both windows and heat to prevent it from going rancid. Keeping it in a cool, dry area will make the fragrance do what it's supposed to do — make you smell nice.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich
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