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Jennifer Lopez Makeup Interview

How Jennifer Lopez Remains an Age-Defying Unicorn

Jennifer Lopez Makeup Interview
Image Source: Getty / Ethan Miller

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We live in a time when the word "goals" is thrown around loosely to describe such things as a mundane cupcake, a cute puppy, or a pair of sneakers. But when it comes to inspiration, Jennifer Lopez defines it. At age 46, after giving birth to twins within the past decade, the pop star is now headlining a high-intensity, two-hour show called "All I Have" at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. It's not like she hasn't had a full résumé until now, creating chart-topping hits, starring in movies, hosting TV shows, and being a spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris.

Recently, I attended a performance from her residency in a seat so close I could see her va-va-voom eyelashes. And I can attest that J Lo is, in fact, a unicorn. She epitomizes beautiful, booty-full (had to) body goals. Glowing, age-defying skin goals. Beach-wave hair goals. Energy goals (she didn't take breaks aside from quick costume changes). Triple-threat goals. Life goals. Goals, goals, goals. To say the least, she is an impressive, good-looking woman.

This kind of elite success isn't the result of luck but rather hard work. I went on a private backstage tour, where I learned that the wardrobe crew has to create backup versions of her designer shoes — she dances so hard that she often breaks her heels. There's a massage table and elliptical in her almond-colored, sandalwood-scented dressing room. Jenny from the block is not cruising through life but rather working her iconic ass off for what she has achieved.

We all know you can't look that good unless you're taking proper care of yourself. To get the scoop on that bronzed skin, fit bod, and on-point makeup look, we interviewed the star via email. Keep reading to discover more about J Lo's beauty routine, in her very own words.

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