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Kat Von D Announces 10 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette

Let's Analyze Kat Von D's Mysterious Teaser For Her 10th Anniversary Palette

For her beauty brand's 10-year anniversary, Kat Von D has not been f*cking around. In addition to relaunching the original Saint + Sinner fragrances, the mogul has been releasing new products on what seems like a daily basis. Now, Kat is mysteriously teasing an eye-shadow palette that will commemorate this important milestone.

On Instagram, Kat shared a picture of a black-and-white "preliminary drawing," which may be serving as inspiration for the upcoming product. The haunting drawing depicts a woman surrounded by flowers wearing a pearl necklace and glamorous makeup, of course. Unfortunately, the drawing does not give us hints about the palette's overall color scheme. However, the eye makeup does have a nice sheen to it and could possibly be metallic.

In July, Kat teased a similar black-and-white drawing that matched this newer one's general vibe. In her caption, she revealed that the artwork would be used on her makeup train case that will be included in the brand's 10-year anniversary collection. She added, "This special case will have my drawings wrapped around the entire case and enclosed with all gold hardware — and of course, a lush all-red interior."

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