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Kat Von D Beauty Go Big or Go Home Mascara Review

Kat Von D Beauty Is Launching a Mascara, and I'm Throwing Away All My Others

Kat Von D Beauty Go Big or Go Home Mascara Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kelsey Castañon

Frankly, me without mascara is like a turtle without its shell: alarming to behold and extremely vulnerable to the elements. I just don't feel like myself without it and would sleep, swim, and live in the stuff permanently if eye docs didn't also say that the accumulation of mascara could lead to an erosion through my conjunctival surface. (The dilemma — tell me about it.)

Still, nobody knows the value of something that lasts forever more than tattoo artist Kat Von D, and now her bespoke beauty line is coming out with its first mascara in nearly five years called Go Big or Go Home Mascara. (In the interest of turtles, it's also worth noting the formula is vegan.) Anyway, the launch felt kismet. I stocked up on two.

Did this one end up living up to the hype? Keep reading ahead to find out. . . although you can probably guess I had a really hard time letting it go at the end of the day.

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