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Katy Perry's Makeup in the "This Is How We Do" Video

Why Katy Perry Bleached Her Brows For the "This Is How We Do" Video

Everyone's been talking about Katy Perry's latest mystical music video, "This Is How We Do." With the kooky outfits and Pee-wee Herman-esque dance squad, it's a lot of eye candy to take in. But as beauty editors, we had a singular focus: the hair and makeup, of course. Although "singular" isn't quite the right word, because her persona changes every five seconds!

Makeup artist Jake Bailey was tasked with creating 10 looks on shoot day. He even bleached Katy's eyebrows to create a blank canvas. "Brow bleaching is a fun and easy way to completely transform your look," he explained. "We had a lot of changes to make throughout the shoot, so I designed a look that could be adjusted easily to create entirely new looks without completely redoing the makeup." Keep reading to get all the makeup details from the epic video.

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