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Kylie Jenner Makeup Video For Vogue March 2019

Kylie Jenner Talking About Her Makeup Routine Is Equal Parts Mesmerizing and Impressive

For Kylie Jenner, makeup isn't just a business opportunity or quick fix to cover up blemishes, it's an art form, and we absolutely respect it. On Tuesday, the 21-year-old makeup mogul and world's youngest billionaire teamed up with Vogue to discuss what goes into her unique beauty looks, and how it changes the way she feels. "Playing with makeup makes me feel more confident," Jenner explained. "I feel like I can transform into whatever mood I'm feeling." Whether that mood is a week-long blue hair phase or a love for pink eye shadow, Jenner's tendency to "always change [her] mind" lets her really explore the possibilities of makeup.

"Makeup is definitely like an art form to me, and being able to just express myself and be creative is very, very fun, but it's also challenging," she shared, adding that it gets "harder and harder to try to be different." It's mesmerizing to see the process of Jenner's different looks, and how much it means to her. "It's the cherry on top to my look."

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