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Kylie Lip Kit Fluffy Brush

The Kylie Lip Kits Are Getting a Major Upgrade

Kylie Lip Kit Fluffy Brush

You're about to love your Kylie Lip Kit even more! (That is, if you can get your hands on one.) The reality star revealed via Snapchat that she is redoing the brush on the lipgloss to make it fluffier. She said: "I do want to show you guys this, because I'm not releasing Kourt K today, but I'm going to release it really soon. I made the floc a bit fluffier."

In layman's terms: the floc is the brush head used to apply the product. Kylie said she did this to make it "fluffier and more comfortable on the lips." Hopefully this results in us getting more formula on the brush and, consequently, fuller-looking lips. Keep up with this exciting new upgrade by scrolling through.

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