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Lip Smacker Frappe Lip Balms

Coffee-Lovers Will Develop a Caffeine Addiction to Lip Smacker's Newest Launch

Lip Smacker Frappe Lip Balms
Image Source: Courtesy of Lip Smacker

Beauty and java addicts are about to flip out over Lip Smacker's new Lip Cafe Frappes ($4 each) lip balms. The '90s brand has already impressed us with irresistible lip balms in adorable Disney and soda packaging, and we're sure no coffee-lover will be able to resist the five new flavors of the frappe-shaped containers.

Each balm is encased in a coffee cup with the cap in the shape of a whipped-cream swirl. The sweetly scented balms (which will be available in Fred Meyers stores and on the Lip Smacker website starting in May) come in five scrumptious flavors: Vanilla Chai, Cinnamon Churro, Caramel, Mocha Chip, and Pumpkin Spice. Each flavor smells astonishingly similar to its cafe drink counterpart. We're particularly fond of the Pumpkin Spice flavor, which tastes like our favorite Fall indulgence without being overly sugary.

To use the aromatic treats, twist the whipped-cream cap off the coffee cup base and apply the delectable balm to your lips. Read on to see all five enticing flavors.

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