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Louis C.K. With False Eyelashes | Saturday Night Live

This Video of Louis C.K.'s Lashes Being Worshiped on SNL Will Make You Cry Laughing

It might sound silly, but with long, luxurious lashes, it's easy to feel as if you can take on the world. That's why so many of us are constantly on the quest for the perfect mascara, stock up on a varying selection of falsies, and try lengthening treatments like Latisse. In a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live, Louis C.K. demonstrated how powerful this beauty characteristic can be.

C.K. plays a lawyer with a losing case, but he has one asset on his side: improbably long lashes. Right off the bat, we can see that the judge, jury, and even his opposition will be easily swayed by his lashes' allure. "Has anyone ever told you that frankly, you have the most beautiful eyelashes?" queried Kenan Thompson, who played the judge. Granted, we can't guarantee that your own fluttering fringe will help you in a court of law, but C.K.'s non-argument proved quite convincing!

Watch the video above for the surprise twist at the end of the skit, and then learn how to apply your own false lashes with ease here.

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