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MAC Cosmetics Pizza Cutter Eyeliner

Everything We Know So Far About the MAC "Pizza Cutter" Eyeliner

MAC Cosmetics's creative team is often on the forefront of ingenuity when it comes to new colors, formulas, and collaborations, and we now know they're proving that again with a mysterious upcoming new launch. Makeup artist Michael Patterson, who is working with MAC Cosmetics backstage for New York Fashion Week, revealed an innovative, unreleased liquid liner on his Instagram feed.

"Pizza cutter sharpness," he captioned an image of the liner's swatches. This has led the internet to coin the product "pizza cutter eyeliner."

When the package is closed, it looks quite like a standard liquid liner. But when you uncap it, there is no brush or felt tip at the end of the wand, but a tiny spinning wheel. Patterson demonstrated how it works on a piece of paper: it seems that the wheel is made of an absorbent material (like a sturdy felt or foam) that absorbs the ink and rolls across a surface to lay down the pigment. How genius is that? We can't wait to see it in use on skin!

Patterson also divulged that the formula comes in three shades: patent black (which has a glossy finish), matte black, and matte brown. Knowing MAC, there's a good chance that if this product hits shelves, it'll also be produced in a few edgier colors like cobalt blue and white. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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