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Maybelline Snapscara Mascara

Maybelline's Latest Mascara Will Make Your Bedtime Beauty Routine a Breeze

Maybelline Snapscara Mascara

The feeling of applying a fresh coat of mascara is good enough to make the grumpiest person smile, but what's not always as satisfying is the removal process. Wiping off layer after layer can be a difficult feat: some mascaras are too pigmented and won't come off, which can potentially leave your eye area red and irritated.

So to make the experience as easy as snapping your fingers, Maybelline came up with Snapscara. The latest launch from the brand is a range of four wax-free formulas that literally come off with just warm water. We tried wiping off a few coats of the mascara with H2O and a paper towel, and BOOM! The removal process was a breeze. You don't have to sacrifice long butterfly lashes, either. The end result is just as clump-free and volumizing as you'd expect from all your favorite formulas, and if you want more drama, just add a few more coats of product to your lashes.

Snapscara will be available in four fun colors including purple, blue, berry, and the essential jet black. While they won't hit your neighborhood drugstore until January 2019 (and online in November 2018), you know we wouldn't leave you hanging without an exclusive first look ahead.

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