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Mirror Nail Art Tutorial

Mirror Sharpie Nail Art Is Latest YouTube Manicure Craze

Nail powders are having a big moment. When the first photos of holographic and mirror gel nails started to appear on Instagram, beauty lovers everywhere lost their collective mind. We needed to know where to get the most incredible nails we had ever seen and were dying to try it out for ourselves. Unfortunately, finding a salon where they offer this service and have these magical powders isn't easy and the nail-obsessed turned to YouTube to find out how to DIY it for themselves.

There are many videos on how to use nail powders at home, but one tutorial by twi_star took it a step further. She combined the metallic mirror powder with Sharpie nail art and created the watercolor mani of our dreams. In the video, twi_star didn't have an LED lamp, so she cleverly used a handy LED flashlight to cure the polish. She also recommends applying the mirror powder with an eye shadow sponge applicator and using a rubbing alcohol with a high alcohol percentage to smudge the Sharpie designs on her nails. The results are stunning and we can't wait to give this a try. Watch the video and learn how to get your very own ultra-metallic watercolor nails.

Image Source: YouTube user twi_star
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