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Nail Art Printer

Send Trendy Designs From Your Phone Directly to Your Nails

We often get sucked into screenshotting Instagram snaps of creative nail art for hours, with lofty goals for future re-creations. But after a few attempts at painting on a Winter wonderland or our favorite sweet treat, we've given up: our creations are more fail than fab. Perfecting a decked-out manicure is tough! Pree Walia, CEO of Preemadonna, is well aware of the struggle and has created a device that is about to revolutionize your DIY game.

Like many of us, Pree had trouble giving herself trendy designs, so she decided to invent the Nailbot. This device instantly prints any decal you want directly onto your digits. To start, you prep your fingers with a base manicure in the color of your choice (try a light shade to make your art really pop!). Then, using the Preemadonna app, you select images from your camera roll that you'd like immortalized on your talons, and place your finger in a small cradle. Within five seconds, your favorite emoji (or even selfie!) will appear on your nail's surface.

Nailbot is expected to go into production in August of next year. But if you can't wait until then, show your support now by donating to the company's Indiegogo fund and preorder your own device. Until next Summer, nail lovers everywhere can relax — and trade the hours practicing their painting technique for those coming up with wild designs.

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