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Nail Polish Colors That Make You Look Tan

10 Nail Polish Colors That Will Make You Look Tanner

It doesn't matter if you use self-tanner, lay out in the heat (with SPF, of course), or have been a naturally bronzed goddess since birth — nothing conveys the message of "my Summer ruled" like glowy, sun-kissed skin. If you haven't achieved tan nirvana yet, don't worry — we have plenty of tips and tricks for you to try. Why not accentuate your radiant complexion with a new nail polish? We're sure you've noticed that a white manicure or pedicure can make your tan really pop, but that basic hue isn't the only one that'll give your bronze a boost. Any shade lighter than your skin will make your complexion look bold by comparison, but neons (especially red- or orange-based hues), coral colors, and golds will pick up and enhance the warm tones in your skin. We've rounded up the best glow-getting lacquers for you to finish out the season in style.

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