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Nozzle Dazzle Review

I Tried This Blow Dryer Nozzle From Amazon, and Holy Sh*t, It Made My Hair So Shiny

Nozzle Dazzle Review
Image Source: POPSGAR Photography / Victor Verdugo

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Last year when I went to visit my family for the holidays, my mom walked in with a blowout so smooth and glossy I audibly gasped. "Excuse me, what did you do to your hair?" I asked her. She looked like a damn movie star. "It's the Nozzle Dazzle!" she said. I just about spit out my drink at the funny name, but she went on to explain that her hairstylist at PS Hair Studio in the Bay Area had used a hair dryer extension on her that she loved so much, she bought it herself. I was convinced that this thing really worked, so I bought one too for $20 on Amazon.

The Nozzle Dazzle fits on the end of a standard blow dryer. It's a black nozzle with two metal rollers on the end. When you give yourself a blowout, you drag the Nozzle Dazzle along the top of your hair (yes, let it actually touch your tresses) as you comb it through. I start with damp hair and use a round metal brush as I pull my strands down from root to tip. The metal rollers get extremely hot, so make sure you spray a thermal protector on your locks before getting started; it will prevent damage.

The result is silky-smooth hair that has crazy-good shine. Every time I use the Nozzle Dazzle, friends ask me if I went to a salon to get a blowout. The reality is that I do it right at home. Not only does it make my hair lustrous, it also cuts drying time in half. I have a lot of hair, so much that it can sometimes take an hour to dry it with a regular hair dryer. By adding the Nozzle Dazzle to my routine, it now only takes about 20-30 minutes.

I'm not being dramatic when I say that this nifty little extension changed my hair game forever. I have even convinced multiple coworkers to buy one for themselves, and they're all thrilled with their purchase. Now I'm begging you to buy one — your hair will look better than it ever has. Read on to see the Nozzle Dazzle in action so you can visualize how it actually works.

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