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Ombre Nail Art | Video

This Is the Easiest Rainbow Ombré Nail Art DIY on the Internet

If you're the type of who doesn't have the patience (or the hand-eye coordination) to pull off a regular manicure at home, then ombré is usually out of the question. This easy how-to video simplifies the faded-rainbow look to the point even the most butterfingered beauty girls can pull it off.

Sandi Crystal Ball, a teacher turned nail artist, is the brains behind the operation; and perhaps her background explains why she is so savvy at breaking down the steps. You know the lesson in which you learned that yellow plus blue equals green? Sandi plays into this concept, while using a sponge as her blending tool. This also cuts down on the supplies you need to buy, since we all have sponges in our kitchens, and minimizes the potential of making a mess. After you take on the gradient manicure, check out more of Sandi's gorgeous nail designs on Instagram (we're obsessed!).

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