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Orange Is the New Black Beauty Tips

16 Beauty Lessons You Can Steal From Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Beauty Tips
Image Source: Netflix

Is it just us, or have the ladies of Litchfield never looked better? Orange Is the New Black isn't just a gripping show, but an excellent hair and makeup resource. Morello's trademark red lip? Still on point. We learned from Sophia that you can mix Kool-Aid and Vaseline together to make a punchy lip gloss, and the women have proven they have a knack for unconventional beauty hacks.

We've noticed how all the inmates candidly offer their own perspectives of beauty. We frequently find ourselves nodding along to their wisdom, so it only makes sense that we rounded up their best beauty advice. Read on to see the lessons we can learn from these badass gals, because like Piper once said, "Beauty comes from the inside."

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