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Pinrose Perfume Online Shopping Website

Discover Your New Signature Scent Online With Pinrose

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What if you could bypass the awful agony of getting spritzed by a hundred fragrances at the department store and just buy your next scent online? Meet your next web obsession: Pinrose. We know you can't smell through the computer, but this innovative online shopping outlet makes it easy to find your perfect perfume via a scent-finder quiz. "We try to help first-timers find their favorites by creating a multisensory context for each scent," explained Erika Shumate, cofounder of Pinrose. "You may not be sure what cedar wood smells like, but you can feel the emotion behind a smoky campfire image and the gritty Black Keys song 'Psychotic Girl.'"

Each scent page not only includes a list of notes, but there is also a music playlist and mood board of images. "Research in synesthesia has shown that humans correlate certain colors, textures, and sounds with certain scents," said Christine Luby, the other entrepreneur behind the brand. "We have mapped out our fragrances not only by their ingredients, but also by their sensory composition: Is this scent more round or more spiky? Is it comprised of major or minor chords? Is it classical composition or a more modern composition?" Keep reading to find out how online shopping for fragrance works and get tips from the Pinrose founders.

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